How to Get to OXA?

The most convenient way to reach OXA Beach is by scooter, motorbike, or car, following the Google Maps location provided below. The entrance to OXA Beach is situated next to the main road (direction to Haad Rin). A secured parking lot is available approximately 30m up the road from the entrance. From the parking lot, you will walk down to the entrance of OXA Beach and begin your personal nightlife experience.

For those who prefer not to drive themselves, you can easily hire a taxi from anywhere around the island to OXA Beach. You can either flag them down on the road or ask your receptionist for assistance. Simply inform them that you want to go to “OXA Beach,” and they will be familiar with the location.

Taxi drivers will wait at the entrance/exit until sunrise to ensure you can return to your hotel/hostel/resort at any time. However, please note that taxi drivers operate independently and are not part of the OXA Beach team, nor are they related, employed, or associated with us in any way. Taxi prices are typically based on the number of people in one car, so a single person might pay the same price as ten people. Therefore, we highly recommend teaming up and finding others to share the ride before leaving to save costs.