The Best Temples on Koh Phangan – A Spiritual Journey

What to do in Koh Phangan? Well, a very not obvious thing to answer will be “Visit some temples!”. Even though it is definitely not a popular activity on a party island, you should consider it! The island offers a rich variety of buddhist temples in every corner each with its own charm and history. You can find more than 20 religious sites on the island but this blog post will tell you about the 7 best temples on Koh Phangan.
NB: Take into account that usually temples open around 8 am and close at 4-6 pm and most of them have restrooms and parking places available.


 1. Chinese Temple (Guan Yin Temple)

As for the structure and view, this is definitely one of the best temples on Koh Phangan! It’s the most astonishing and still not very crowded example of Chinese architecture on the island, Guan Yin Temple is located on a hill and thus forms a few terraces with a great view of the jungle. The bright red color, exquisite dragon ornaments, and stunning roofs make the temple a must-see on Koh Phangan. Initially, it was supposed to be a lighthouse for the sailors who couldn’t see the island in the dark but the amount of money collected for the building was enough to build a whole temple.

Bonus: right next to the Chinese temple you can find Wat Ruese Pa Saeng Tham a less popular and more authentic place with an impressive golden rock in the middle of the jungle, local communities holding small events, and friendly children playing outside.

Location: the Chinese Temple is located right by the road only 5 minutes by bike from Chaloklum. It is easily accessible by bike or car and there is a road sign, so you will not miss it.

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Entrance fee: there is a fee of 40 bht for every visitor!



2. Wat Pho & Herbal Sauna

This beautiful temple definitely takes the award as the most relaxing one on Koh Phangan. The temple itself has a nice territory with a couple of huge trees and chickens walking freely. The building and the small tower right by it are made in traditional Thai style. However, the most appealing part of this complex is the Herbal Sauna located across the road from the temple. It is a cozy spa place to have self care day. The available things to try are the traditional herbal steam sauna and a variety of massage options (the massage is worth it 100%! You will feel the full body massage with your every muscle). There are also showers, changing rooms, restrooms, and a few resting places you can use.

Location: you will find the complex in the southern (lower) part of Thong Sala not far from the main road. There is enough parking space, so you can simply go by bike.

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Entrance fee: there are no tickets for the temple, but you have to pay 120 bht to enter the sauna and approximately 300-500 bht if you want to get a massage.


3. Wat Chaloklum

This one made our list of the best temples in Koh Phangan because it is one more well-known temple on Koh Phangan is Wat Chaloklum. Its magnificent white and gold combination differs from other temples and enchants you at the first sight and don’t forget to take a close look at the small but amazingly detailed dragons guarding the entrances to the building. Also, at the end of February – the beginning of March there is a temple festival, but you should check the exact date with the monks at the temple itself.

Location: Wat Chaloklum is situated right in the middle of Chaloklum town and can be easily accessed by bike.

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Entrance fee: free



4. Wat Thong Nai Pan

Wat Thong Nai Pan is a modern and a bit unusual interpretation of Thai temples. Apart from classical buildings, you will also find a Bottle Pagoda and smaller bottle chedis there. These creative versions of the traditional religious structures look stunning both from the outside and the inside (yes, you can go inside the Bottle Pagoda). In addition, if you go up the narrow stairs and then through the jungle, you can reach an incredible viewpoint to see the blue water and the Thong Nai Pan beach. The hike might seem difficult for unprepared visitors but there are plenty of places to have a rest on the way.

Location: located next to the Thong Nai Pan Yai beach, the temple has a small parking space under the trees.

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Entrance fee: free




5. Wat Khao Tham

Wat Khao Tham is another viewpoint temple with an amazing panorama to see Thong Sala, the sea, and nearby islands. It is a really quiet yet not very remote place where you can play a game of chess on an old chess table under the trees with an impressive jungle view. The temple has various Buddha statues and a small shop for religious purposes. It is also possible to stay in the meditation center but don’t forget to ask the people in charge for the availability.

Location: to get to Wat Khao Tham you will have to go along a pretty steep road but it is usually not a problem for a motorbike. The temple is located next to Thong Sala but a bit further in the jungle.

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Entrance fee: free




6. Wat Phu Khao Noi

Wat Phu Khao Noi is the oldest temple on Koh Phangan and its name can be translated as “temple of the small mountain”. Located on a hill near Thong Sala, the temple has stood tall since the mid-20th century. This temple isn’t just a peaceful spot; it’s a living chapter of Koh Phangan’s history. Interestingly enough, you can meet and talk to some monks at Wat Phu Khao Noi and take a look at thei life.

Location: it will take you only 5-10 minutes to drive from Thong Sala towards Sri Thanu and leave your vehicle in a comfortable parking spot.

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Entrance fee: free




7. Wat Samai Kongka

Last but not least, Wat Samai Kongka wins the competition for the strangest temple on Koh Phangan. This quiet temple may not attract your attention at first, but if you walk around its territory a bit and take a look at the statues, you’ll be pretty surprised. Unusual male and female figures in strange poses are the decorations for Wat Samai Kongka. They show different scenes of the Buddhist concept of hell and may seem rather eerie. Anyway, the statues vary in size and shape so it might be curious to examine them for a while.

Location: Wat Samai Kongka can be found between Thong Sala and Sri Thanu towns and can be accessed by car or bike without any problems.

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Entrance fee: free




The temples mentioned in this post, despite being the best temples on Koh Phangan, of course are not the only ones worth visiting. You can easily examine the map and find other places that might interest you. In any case, as you wander through the less-explored paths leading to Koh Phangan’s temples, remember that each temple has a simple yet profound story that you have to see to understand the island’s spirit better.

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