Oxa Beach Stream

As people all over the world have to stay at home and aren’t able to visit our lovely beach for a while, we decided to bring the beach to your homes. We will set up the cameras for you and deliver sunshine, ocean and good tunes, every Tuesday.
Like most of the venues around the globe we are also suffering of this sad episode. We try hard to keep our staff employed and make Oxa Beach even more beautiful for the day of reopening.
But, during the strict and necessary regulations and in order to keep every one safe, we can not run our events until further notice.
Of course, Oxa Beach Koh Phangan and its crew are not the only ones suffering from the lack of tourism. Many people have lost their jobs and are unable to provide for their families and themselves. In order to help those in need during these hard times, we decided to rais funds for the community, that needs help immediately.
We decided to share any donations with the local people in form of Oxa Care Packages. The care packages will be handed out as soon as possible and include basic food supplies for those in need. To keep this project running we have to make sure that the minimum of our expenses are covered, so that we are able to make Oxa Care happen as a team.
As long as donations keep coming, we will hand out Oxa Care Packages as soon as possible. The location for Oxa Care will be announced on our Facebook Page (@OxaBeachKohPhangan).
The costs for a single package will be about 70Bath (~2€ / ~2,2 $ / ~ 1,8 £ ) and should feed one person a day. As costs for food are generaly lower in Thailand even small donations would help out a lot.
Donations can be done by following this link.
We hope all of you guys stay safe and healthy during this crisis. We can’t wait to have you back on our beach and celebrate life under the palm trees until the sun rises.
Until then, we hopefully see you on the stream.
The first Oxa Care took place at Wat Pho on Koh Phangan. We are so happy to announce that it was a full success and all Oxa Care Packages were handed out ❤️🇹🇭
At this point we would like to thank all the people who gave us their trust and donated to our project. Also, we say thank you very much to all the volunteers who came and helped us organize the first Oxa Care.
And of course, a big thank you to all the DJ´s who already played and will play at our weekly Beach Streams.
It feels heartwarming to see that good and caring people all over the world still exist and so many of them try to help and support each other in hard times like this.
We will keep on streaming and hope to be able to make another round of Oxa Care possible. If you feel like you want to support our project, please follow this link  🙏
Last weekend, the first Oxa Care took place and as you might know we handed out care packages to those in need on the island. Also, we gave 30 packages to a group of volunteers who help the authorities to keep our island safe.
Since the first days of the Corona crisis these brave people supporting the local government of Koh Phangan on a voluntary base by registering new arrivers, measuring fever and filling out forms. As a gesture and to say thank you, we gave out Oxa Care Packages to them as well.
 As inhabitants of Koh Phangan, we say thank you for your work and hope you stay safe 🙏
-Oxa Beach Crew
หลายๆคนคงจะทราบว่าโครงการ ออกซ่า แคร์ เริ่มทำครั้งแรกเมื่อวันเสาร์ที่ผ่านมา เราได้นำถุงออกซ่าแคร์ไปแจกจ่ายให้คนที่ต้องการความช่วยเหลือบนเกาะพะงัน นอกจากนี้เรายังนำถุงออกซ่าแคร์จำนวน 30 ถุงไปมอบให้กลุ่มอาสาสมัครที่ช่วยดูแลความปลอดภัยให้เกาะพะงัน
นับตั้งแต่วันแรกของวิกฤตการณ์โคโรน่ากลุ่มอาสาสมัครได้ช่วยงานผู้นำท้องถิ่นของเกาะพะงัน โดยมีการลงทะเบียน ตรวจวัดไข้และให้กรอกแบบฟอร์มสำหรับผู้ที่เดินทางเข้ามาในเกาะ เพื่อแทนคำขอบคุณเราจึงมอบถุงออกซ่าแคร์ให้กลุ่มอาสาสมัครด้วยเช่นกัน ในฐานะชาวเกาะพะงันพวกเราขอขอบคุณในความเสียสละและขอให้ทุกคนปลอดภัย 🙏
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